A journey always starts with one step

I have decided to cut back on the plastic that I use.

I can do this. I’ve made changes in my life before. Many years ago I challenged myself to never buy products with high fructose corn syrup if an alternative was available. I learned that an alternative was almost always available. Some brand name peanut butters use high fructose corn syrup, and some don’t. All I had to do was read the labels. The only change I had to make to my habits was to be more thoughtful about highly processed junk foods, especially those marketed primarily to children. That was easy.

So now I am going to look for the alternatives to bringing more plastic into my home. I am not going to worry about the plastic I already have at home, and I am not going to worry about my car, even though the entire dashboard is plastic. I am just going to choose the no-plastic option if one exists.

But I don’t think it is going to be easy.

To start with, I have been contemplating going to bar soaps. I got on Amazon and started shopping for bar shampoo. I found the most highly rated product and started reading the reviews. Until about 2016, the reviews were all very high, but more recent reviews talked about bad smelling soap, especially smoke and diesel smells.

Soap would absorb odors, and if the soap is produced in Asia, there could be any number of bad smelling warehouses and cargo ships along the way. They could keep the soap smelling nice by wrapping it in plastic.

This is definitely not going to be easy.